Lasik Institute

  EyeSTAR LASIK Institute OR


EyeSTAR LASIK reputation is partly due to our surgeonsí experience and involvement: the best surgeons in the field, who will be personally involved in every step of your procedure.

EyeSTAR physicians are some of the most experienced and skilled LASIK surgeons. Unlike other surgeons who perform various types of surgery, our surgeons perform only eye laser refractive procedures. All of our surgeons and medical staff have work experience and/or have completed residencies abroad, in the best universities and medical centers. Many of our surgeons have received refractive surgery fellowships at leading hospitals and medical schools.  

Finally, the success of EyeSTAR LASIK results also depends on our surgeoní involvement in every step of the EyeSTAR LASIK procedure, under the supervision of our medical director. From answering all of your questions, to your suitability examination, to the actual treatment, to the post-treatment examination, rest assured that an experienced ophthalmologist will be taking care of you. No assistants, no opticians.