Before coming, be sure:

  • to remove your contact lenses (soft lenses at least 2 days, ideally 1 week, hard lenses for 3 weeks before)
  • that you are not pregnant or nursing
  • that you are not a keratoconus patient
  • that you do not have an immunological disease
  • that you are not a diabetic patient with an unregulated blood sugar level
  • that you do not have connective tissue or vascular disease (abnormalities in the healing of the wounds)
  • that you are not taking pills such as Accutane, Amiadorone or high doses of steroids.


1st STEP

Besides your medical history, a detailed eye examination, videotopography (corneal map), 3D analysis of the anterior segments of the eyes and ultrasonic pachymetry for evaluating corneal thickness are necessary tests for us to plan your LASIK procedure.

From this data if we deduct that a custom ablation will work better for your eyes, then we may proceed to another test: aberrometry or wave-front analysis. Generally this is the case for people with irregular astigmatism, previous history of eye trauma or complicated vision correction surgery.

During the eye exam, we instill drops into your eyes to widen the pupils in order to see the back part of your eyes better. Also for obtaining a reliable value of your refractive error we put drops that temporarily stop your accommodation. This may cause blurry near vision and sensitivity to light for a few hours.

2nd step

This is the laser procedure step. Before the procedure, you will be thoroughly informed about the procedure. We will prepare you by explaining to you the procedure through the patient's point of view.

Our psychiatry and NLP trained doctor will provide you the support you'll need in the laser room. This service is unique in Europe and exclusively available to EyeSTAR patients. Besides the best LASIK results, we want you to remember your LASIK experience as a pleasant one. We recommend to you to bring the CD or tape of the songs that relaxes you. We will play it during your LASIK procedure. We may also hold your hand if this helps you feel safe and comfortable.

3rd step

Generally after the LASIK procedure a few hours of discomfort is anticipated. Normally this discomfort has been described as a foreign body sensation in the eyes, burning and tearing. But thanks to our new medication regime our patients do not report to us any of these complaints but sometimes some tearing. We recommend to our patients to sleep after the LASIK procedure. In fact this is why we prefer doing our procedures in the evening.



The "Wow" Day

The day after your treatment your eyes will be examined to be sure that they are recovering well. After this eye exam, you are ready to go sightseeing or shopping in the Grand Bazaar!

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