Bosphorous Bridge, Istanbul, TurkeyThe City - ISTANBUL

"If only one state existed on earth, Istanbul would be the capital"

Napoléon Bonaparte

Istanbul is a different city. If Istanbul were a meal, the following would be the recipe for it:
Put in a jar, a little bit of New York, a sparkle of Miami, a piece of San Francisco, a slice of Cairo and mix them. Top it with spices from Mexico City and Vienna. Finally pour a magical unique Istanbul sauce: that is it, this is Istanbul.
Istanbul, Turkey is a cultural bridge between the West and the Orient, a physical connection between Asia and Europe. In Istanbul you can find anything you want, such as thousand-year-old monuments and buildings with cutting-edge technology. What everIstanbul, Turkey, mosque your taste maybe, you can find a color to satisfy your soul inside this city.
Well now, Istanbul is a crowded city with a terrific traffic but still we adore it. We think you will adore, too. Especially after your LASIK operation, we suggest you to sip a cup of Turkish coffee with the magnificent view of Bosphorous. Then we think that you will realize that this is the most rewarding trip you ever done.

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