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To the Eye Star Team

I only wish I had heard about your wonderful clinic & team years ago. For the first time in years I can see near and far without the help of glasses or lenses. Thank you so much for your excellent advice and caring approach and of course bringing all your experience as a doctor to help change my life. The one way I can thank you is to tell as many people in the United Arab Emirates about your wonderful clinic here in Istanbul.

Thanking you all so much!!

Angie Mc Girk from Dublin Ireland residing in the United Arab Emirates.
28 July 2004

Just a quick line to let you know that I am home safe and sound and I am seeing so well that my brain keeps informing me that I must have contact lenses in and that I must therefore remove them before I go to bed.

I am so happy that I took the plunge and had this  done and even more happy that I had it done with EyeSTAR, I can not praise EyeSTAR enough for the professional and friendly service, After working in a NHS hospital for over 13yrs and up until 2yrs ago I was working in the operating theatre, I was very very impressed with the EyeSTAR Institute also that you all were so nice, friendly, caring and understanding but at the same time very professional, even Dr Celikkol was warm and caring & not at all like the stiff freighting Doctors that we have in this country. I am telling everyone how wonderful EyeSTAR are that my friends say that I sound like a TV advert.

I would like to thank you all very much for all the you have done & given me (sight is the most precious thing and not to have to were glasses or contact lenses is just the best thing).

So I think you should be called The 5++ Star EyeSTAR Institute  

I must go now keep well & I hope to send some friend over to see you soon a VERY BIG THANK YOU TO YOU ALL

Love Janet 

Janet Mack
10 August 2004


Give yourself the chance to experience this miracle, that is if you are burdened by looking upon the world through glasses.

In the spring 2003 I was a 52 years old man with myopia ( about –4.5 diopters on both eyes ) I also had astigmatism on both eyes. In June 2003 I decided to go for LASIK surgery, this is very costly in Denmark where I live so I checked the web for the best place have my surgery done, and I soon found it the EyeSTAR team in Istanbul. In no time I made an appointment with the EyeSTAR team.

I soon arrived in Istanbul, was picked up in the airport, was driven to the hotel that the team had booked for me. The next two days I spend as a tourist in the fantastic city of Istanbul.

On my third day I had an eye examination, the evening of my fourth day was what I had been looking forward to – the LASIK surgery. Never have I experienced such a painless and quick surgery both my eyes was done in less than 5 minutes, though my eyes were filled with tears and eye drops I could already see the world more clearly.

The next morning I spend hours looking out my window amazed by my crisp eyesight, looking on faraway birds flying over the town of Istanbul an even small insects, for the first time in 39 years I could enjoy a crisp view of the world around me.

Now one year later my eyesight is still perfect, my optician has just examined my eyes, and he says
“ It is the best result I have ever seen after a LASIK surgery” – and he has seen quite a lot of LASIK results.

I really enjoy my new life without glasses – no longer blind in rainy or damp weather – no more sweat on my glasses when I’m doing sports – now I can enjoy 180 degrees of the horizon.

You should give yourself a gift you will never forget, have a LASIK surgery made by the EyeSTAR and enjoy the support by the EyeSTAR team. And it is not even expensive, so you have no excuse - come to Istanbul the city of miracles.

Ole Henriksen

I had dreamt of coming to Istanbul my whole life, but I never imagined that my two-week trip here would be this worthwhile. A friend told me about the exceptional technology and surgeons at EyeSTAR after I arrived here, and I decided to take the plunge. I cried from happiness for the first time in my life after the surgery, not able to believe that I could see with my own eyes after years of dependence on my high-diopter contact lenses. I saw the sights of Istanbul with my own eyes for the latter part of my trip, and it is still amazing to wake up every morning to crystal clear vision.  Thank you EyeSTAR!

Yasemin Yusufoff, U.S.

Thanks to EyeSTAR, I am now able to see around the room in the morning without glasses or contacts. Before LASIK I couldn't see the ground or feel comfortable without them.
I feel fortunate to have had safe, careful treatment since the eye is a difficult place to receive work on. I would highly recommend EyeSTAR.

Being able to be free of bad vision is worth the uncertainty involved.

with EyeSTAR I felt safe.

Jean Coody

Dear EyeSTAR Team

First I want to tell you how satisfied I am with the work you did. My vision is already really good and the drive home by car from the airport was absolutely without any problems. I really can recommend your work to my friends.

Lots of regards and thank you so much for your time and work.

Matthias Keller, M.D., Switzerland

Hello to eveyone whoever reads this diary ,

I’m writing this right 14 hours after my LASIK operation without my eyeglasses of course .
Our eyes are very valuable for us all. After a long period of  research about LASIK, I trusted only “EyeStar” for my eyes. Now I see that I've given the right decision.
These people always had outstanding success both in their academic and profesional lives. These people whose dedicated themselves to be the best in their profession are truly the most trusted address. The only disadvantage I experience after the surgery is; Now I see my mother- in- law clearly. : )

Menteş Albayrak

Lasik patients''I had 11 diopters of nearsightedness in both eyes. Because of that I had a lot of anxiety before the laser procedure. Now I am so happy. Everything was first class. Thanks EyeSTAR”

Angela Martinez

"Before LASIK surgery, I was blind as a fish with 8.5 nearsightedness and 1.5 astigmatism. The operation was very short. I had no pain after the procedure. I recommend everyone to have LASIK at EyeSTAR.”

Claudia Martinez

“Thank you for the excellent care provided in a very professional way. As a visitor to your country we felt at ease in your care and appreciate your concern for your patients. We will gladly refer you to others needing your services. Thank you very much.”

Larry Rus
There are two websites that our German patients have prepared. If you can speak German, please have a look at them:

“My dream is reality now: I can see clearly without glasses!
I had this desire for so long.
When I was in Istanbul, I met two ladies from Germany who also had LASIK operation at EyeSTAR. As I didn’t expect otherwise, both of them were very happy and at the same time astonished by how fast one can see well without glasses and contacts after LASIK treatment.”

Armin Rummele
“After LASIK at EyeSTAR, I see like an eagle. ”

Helene Vollrath


“Before LASIK, I had many concerns. After I met the EyeSTAR team, I felt very relieved and I trusted them. I had no discomfort after the procedure and today my vision is great. ”

Tanja Saddei

before lasik treatment"..I would like to thank you and your team with all my heart. My eyes are doing great!!"

Sandra Schroeder (2002

İlhan ŞeşenHeavy concert traffic, radio shows, TV shows, finally a few minutes for his health. We are talking about Ilhan Sesen the singer of the best selling album of 2002 in Turkey. He was surprised to hear that there are solutions for presbyopia. For baby boomers or mature flower boys like himself to search for glasses to read a note from a fan is kind of a sad thing. He was very happy to hear the new refractive surgery solutions such as Presby, Progressive LASIK and LASIK for monovision. He left a pleasant note in our guest book and a promise to come back with his wife.

EyeSTAR treated my sister before and she is very happy with the result. So I went and asked if LASIK is the solution for me. The doctor made a detailed eye examination and asked me many questions. At that time my eyes were nearsighted and my prescriptions were 7 and 7 diopters. I hated to wear glasses but I couldn't wear contacts. The doctor explained thoroughly all of the LASIK procedure, possible risks, what should I expect and possible success rate for my diopters. She gave me brochures and literature about LASIK. All my questions have been answered. My husband also wanted to free me of the glasses. We were fed up with my eye problems. Every time I tried to put on contact lenses, I suffered. Especially in summer at the beach, I didn't want to put on heavy glasses and I couldn't even recognize our friends. Right after the LASIK my vision was superb. The following day my vision was 10/10 for both eyes. Now it has been six months and my vision is still 10/10. Now I started to forget the old days.

Gül Aydogdu (1998)

I didn't even feel the operation. Like I had something in my eye and you have removed it. I haven't felt any pain or discomfort. Any dental work is many times harder and difficult than this.
The prescription of my left eye and right eye were quite different and I was suffering from headaches frequently. Since the LASIK treatment my headaches have disappeared. My husband says that I am not quick-tempered or irascible anymore. I have already recommended your LASIK surgery to 5 people. We put our trust in you at the moment we saw you, and we decided right away for the surgery. In fact my eye doctor in Bursa did not recommend me the LASIK surgery. Even though I needed LASIK badly his opinion stopped me. Where were you before?
We are happy with the result, the whole family…

Gülsen Ulakçi (1998)

I'm Catholic and I assume you are Muslim but I believe that we have the same God.  He just has a different name.  I've been back 2 Sundays now and have offered a mass for you both days, thanking God for the talent He has given you.  I pray that He will give you further abilities to cure even more difficult cases than you now can. You performed a medical miracle!  Petra used to fall a lot until she started wearing glasses at age 4. Now she can see without glasses for the first time in her life.  The first couple of days at home she walked around the house looking for something to read and jumped with joy each time she could find something.  I can't thank you enough, words fail me.  I will remember you and will continue praying for you for a long time.

Kelly Van Dyke


I had been wearing glasses since I was 11 years old in other words for 18 years. I was -2.5D myopic. I wore soft contacts for 3 years. And I had to switch back to my glasses after I had red eyes from contacts. Glasses were a burden for my activities, so I decided to have the LASIK treatment. At EyeSTAR I was informed thoroughly about the procedure. Since I knew every step, I lived a peaceful experience. I am happy with the result and I would recommend it to anyone who is in my situation.

Kaan Çetinyürek (1999)

On the morning of the operation I was very anxious because my vision, my precious treasure was concerned. As soon as I arrived at the institute, I felt relaxed. They explained to me everything they were going to do. During the procedure I was aware of what was going on, since they were continuously talking to me. I noticed the difference right away at the exit of laser room. I could see the signs, read the advertisements during my way back home. The next day my vision was even better. Today my vision is 20/20 and it is a miracle. During my whole life, this is the most precious gift I could give to myself.


This is an e-mail from one of our patients, Ms Deniz X*X. She was treated in 2000 and she has a vision better than 20/20 in both her eyes. She is a tour organizer and currently works for the British Consulate, Istanbul, Turkey "

****tur: [****tur@****]
Saturday 23 December 2000 11:22
Subject Deniz'den
Hello Dr. Celikkol,

Please accept my apologies for the delay of my e-mail. In fact I should have sent you this e-mail months ago.
Here are the changes in my life B.N. (before my nearsightedness) and A.N. (after my nearsightedness). In the meantime I praise your LASIK treatment to everyone. Please don't hesitate to give my work numbers to anyone who wants to hear the experience of someone who lived the LASIK treatment.
The most important point is (I wasn't expecting this) my vision quality is better than my glasses. I especially appreciate this at night and on the road.
As soon as I wake up, I can see how the weather is while I am still in the bed.
When I go to bed, I can watch the stars till I fall asleep.
When I do my make-up or comb my hair, I don't need to touch my nose to the mirror.
When I go to the hairdresser's, I watch what are they doing to my hair (before I was putting my glasses on when they were done and If I didn't like it, it was already done)
At the beach and at the pool, I was sometimes smiling and greeting strangers and I was sometimes missing friends and family.
When it is raining, I turn my face to sky and I enjoy it.
When I was exercising, my glasses were slipping, when I was hoping my glasses were hopping more. They don't bother me anymore.
In my next summer vacation I will make a yacht trip and I will see the depth of the sea where I will jump, I will also enjoy watching the coasts.
When I was trekking I was admiring people who splash water to their faces whenever they encounter a fountain or a creek. Now I can do the same.
I can wear any sunglasses I want. This is one of the differences I like the most. (You can also tell this to women who want to keep their faces without deep lines)
After the earthquake happened on 17th of August I had a new phobia: During the next earthquake will I be able to find my glasses, save myself and help others (without my glasses it would be extremely difficult to save myself and find others). Now I don't feel pressure and anxiety about the earthquake nightmare anymore.
Now, without glasses it is easier to touch my face and eyes. Now I have the means to hold my head in any way I like and stare as much as I want.
When I embrace my husband I don't have to think about my squeezed glasses.
Can you guess how much time it takes for a myopic to find a white soap bar in a white bathtub? Well, I know the answer.
Maybe it was the last priority for me to look better without glasses but I started to enjoy it.
When I put on or out a tight collar t-shirt, I don't need to take into consideration my glasses.
Now when I watch TV, I enjoy snoozing or falling asleep. In the older days, I was taking off my glasses and putting them in a safe place. Now I can fall asleep at any position I like.
My glasses don't shine like mirrors in the photos anymore.

Now I am free of continuous weight of the glasses on my nose. But I still try to correct the position of my glasses. Oops! They are not there!
Finally I have got rid off my "student look" or "serious harsh person look" (If you noticed, babies and dogs don't like people with glasses).
Another interesting point, I have a strange feeling that, I have never been a myopic; it feels that natural.
For the reasons listed above I thank you very much. Suat and I wish you a happy new year, and wish that your wishes come true. And one more wish; may every year be better than the previous years.


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